• Agóra Science Centre

    Every day we experience countless wonders of science and nature. We use technical innovations, brought to us by physics, chemistry and other scientific disciplines, day by day. But do we know how these things and the world around us really works? Agora Science Centre explains the wonders of our everyday life in a way how everyone can enjoy and understand. During the WTO weekend Agora will be all about Tantrix, showing live world champ games in the auditorium, visitors can try the hardest puzzles and see the best players of the world compete!

  • Agóra Highlights

    There are plenty of interactive games to try in Agóra, such as:
    - Sandbox 2.0 (our favorite)
    - LogiFaces
    - Kinect Tetris
    - Bicycle in the Height
    - and many more!


Early Birds

Those who already come on Thursday there are plenty of options what to do. Let us know your plans and we can arrange also something together.



We encourage you to arrive around noon on Friday where we plan to do a relaxing afternoon with you.

Friday afternoon

Player's Auction & Table games

In the evening we will sell all players in the auction, who will get the highest bet?

Friday evening

Tantrix Day #1

Depending on the number of entrants, we will start around 9 am and finish around 6 pm. Food and drinks will be served during the day. In the evening we will go to a nearby restaruant for dinner and games.


Tantrix Day #2

Start around 8 am and finish around 4 pm, so those who plan to leave early can catch their transport. For those who stay, we will organize some activities after the games.


Staying longer?

Debrecen has a lot to offer, but if you prefer to spend a day in Budapest as well, well, fine :) Feel free to ask for recommendations.



Stay with the group

We have arranged accomodation in the city centre at Belvárosi Panzió. There are around 30 places available with 1-2-3-4 beds per room, price per person per night is 27-20-16-14 EUR respectively. Breakfast can be added for 3.5 EUR per day. If you are interested in this option, let blick know (contact info below) and we can book the room for you. Availability of the rooms are first come first served.

Book your own

Debrecen has plenty of options for accomodation. We recommend to stay in the Big Forest area, however distances are not that huge in the city, so even from the centre you can get to the venue within 20-30 minutes. Depending on your budget, here are some options: Campus Hotel, Hotel Nagyerdő, Thermal Hotel & Spa, Villa Hotel. You can simply book via Booking.com. If you need help, don't hesitate to ask!


Entry Fee

The entry fee for the WTO in 2017 will be €30, which includes the dinner on Saturday as well. Generally speaking prices in Debrecen are quite cheap, even compared to Budapest, so you can stay on a low budget for the weekend.


To register, please go to the Tantrix Tournaments website: World Tantrix Open 2017 - Debrecen.

Get In Touch.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask Leslie & blick: .

How to get to Agora (venue)?
Access: Entrance at Móricz Zsigmond Road (GPS: N 47.557387 E 21.616698)